как рисовать туман масляными красками

How to paint a fog with oil paints in stages (photo + video).

Painting mist with oil paints can be difficult, especially if this is the first picture for you. On the one hand, nothing complicated, but on the other hand, the fog has many shades, different “thickness” and still need to convey its transparency. In this article I will try to demonstrate this, using the example of a picture with a warm foggy morning.

The first stage in painting, as always, is the same underpainting, here the task is to “paint over” the entire canvas with the primary colors of the paint. I used warm shades in the sky, usually at dawn the shades of the sky are colder, but I decided to take orange shades for it. On the trees in the distance, I used colder shades from below and warmer from above, since their tops are lit by the sun. I also decorated the house under thatch grass and outlined the trees that grow near the pond. Pay attention in the middle of the picture between the ground and the background used a mixture of blue and white paint, thereby laying a fog, which will be in the distance. After this stage I left the picture to dry for a week

After the canvas is completely painted over with different colors and the composition is already visible on it, you can add a few additions. The paint has already dried out after the previous session, then you can paint not only the house and trees that are closer to us, but also strengthen the aerial perspective on distant trees and soften the “contact” of trees in the background and the sky. At this stage, has already begun to create a fog that swirls on the ground. This is done very easily: applied transparent layers of white and rubbed it, thereby achieving the foggy effect.

It’s time to do a more detailed painting of the trees and the shore. I also added another tree that closes the house (which is why I did not particularly paint it). From the shore I went to a reservoir and already began to create fog on it. I acted on the same principle of shading whitened with warm and cold shades.

As you can see at this stage, I paid more attention to the tree, its reflection in the water and grass, which is generously lit by the sun. This stage gives the final “touches” in the picture so that further work could be devoted to fog.

Creating fog in the picture is easiest to do on the dried bottom layer. And the shades in the fog may be the most unexpected. Usually it has a bluish-bluish tint, and when illuminated by the sun, as in this picture, its upper parts can be “tinted” in shades of sunlight, in this case I used yellow and orange hues.

At the stage when the picture was almost finished, it seemed to me that the composition was boring and decided to add a сoast with grass and a boat with lilies on the water.

This is how the final version of the picture with a foggy landscape and a boat on the water turned out.

In conclusion, I want to say in the picture I didn’t use pure white, only in mixtures and it was very diluted. If you applied a lot of white, then you can always remove it by wiping it with a rag if the bottom layer is dry.

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