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How to paint a bear in stages + video

Is it difficult to paint a brown bear? Not at all! In this article, we will paint a picture in stages with the extraordinary name “tenderness” with the image of a big bear that hugs a fragile girl.
And so let’s get started! First of all, I want to say about the materials that I will use for this picture: fine-grained canvas, synthetic brushes, oil paints “master class” and “Van Gogh”.

How to paint a bear in stages, oil paints, video.

At the first stage, the canvas covered a transparent layer of paint with light brown Mars, applied a drawing of a bear and a girl, and then drew a thin brush over the lines of the drawing that I would need for further artwork.

When the preparatory stages are finished, I begin. And the beginning in the picture will be with dirt. In short, everything that was on the palette (brown, blue, purple and white) mixed and made the background. This is so far only the substrate marking the snow cover and the forest for the main characters. A mixture of these colors was applied to the canvas around the girl and her big bear. Also brown outlined the shadow on the bear.

When the background around has already acquired some colors, we continue. Next we will work in stages on a bear and a girl. As you can see, he gave a skin tone for the girl very transparently (with Mars brown) and did not begin to look much for the tone in the hair of our brown bear, there the kraplak mixed in already.

The next action in the picture will be a slight streamlining of the background, and specifically, show the verticals of the trees in the background (at the same time searching for how I will arrange the trees), and the snow cover becomes horizontal. Thus, the bear and the girl are clearly brought to the fore.

At the next stage, we see that the main characters in the picture become more contrasting. To do this, took a burgundy and added it to the shadow on the bear. To do this, long strokes were made with a synthetic brush so that there was a hint of bear hair. The same color is also added to the skin tone of the girl, but it is very transparent.

What’s next? In the picture, I continue to clarify step by step. This time they touched the snow, trees and of course the bear. For the fur, the bears added a new color – this is ocher yellow, somewhere pure color, and somewhere mixed with white. Wool-shaped strokes.

The picture is changing, now in the background appeared hints of trees not only from mixtures of white, but also dark tree trunks. As for the bear, a mixture of brown and burgundy was added to his coat. The girl in the picture at this stage received “shaded” hair and chiaroscuro on a white dress

As you see, in the picture again there is a mess with snow and hints of snowy trees (this is just a search for color and shape for the snowy forest around the bear). On the skin of the girl added even more red with the help of an additional layer of burgundy. What’s up with the bear? I add “multi-colored wool” to him, then I used blue, brown and ocher, mixed in different proportions, sometimes adding white to these paint mixtures.

At this 9th stage, the additions touched the background more in the picture, the trunks of the nearest trees and snow on the branches, as well as the blue shadows under the trees, are clearly visible. The girl’s skin has changed a little, made a little lightening with the help of Neapolitan yellow and white, and her dress gets deeper shadows due to the purple hue.

Again he took up the background around the bear, more traced the trees and the shady places under them. Clarifications will never be redundant. The brown bear is clearly shown in the foreground, of course so far due to the contrast and color temperature.

Behind the bear, he added even more aerial perspective, and also worked on the volume of the clubfoot and the girl. Many reflexes from the snow help to bring about the overall color in the picture.

Behind the bear, he added even more aerial perspective, and also worked on the volume of the clubfoot and the girl. Many reflexes from the snow help to bring about the overall color in the picture.

The next step in writing a bear and a fragile girl will be the last before completion. Of course, the refinement in the picture mainly affected the girl, her hair, dress and face. The bear receives detail of the muzzle and hair on the trunk and paws.

The last step in writing a picture with a bear. As you can see, the detail is especially shown in the foreground, especially the face of the bear and the girl’s face.

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