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Let’s get acquainted, my name is Andrey Pugach.

Andrew Pugach

I paint pictures using a pseudonym. This pseudonym is very simple and unpretentious, translation of my name into English. Despite the fact that my last name from Ukrainian is translated as “Owl”, Andrew Pugach has been entrenched to me since my student days, and some friends still call me Andrew.

  • Probably I should start from my childhood: it was happy, and I am grateful to my parents for it. Already at the age of 5, I began to draw. I remember very well how I went to the sea with my parents and all the way on the train I just drew all the heroes from children’s books. I attended “art classes” being a little bit elder, and later there was an art school, which I have graduated with honors. For some period after, I specified the type of fine art being closer to me: graphics, sculpture or painting.

  • Education: in spite of my enthusiasm for drawing since childhood, I received higher education in a completely different field, I am the financial expert.

  • Hobbies: not only pictures as you might think. I am interested in IT developments, interior design, as well as sports: the gym and boxing are two of my favorite types (though I had to leave them so far because of injuries).

  • Inspiration: the inspiration for the artist is something special and anything can inspire. I can’t say that I listen to classical music and inspiration takes over me, not at all, quite the contrary. Inspiration comes by itself and always unexpectedly, it can be “caught” in the sun or during heavy rain, as well as in the smile of a passing girl or in the eyes of a child, or you can simply find it in a good mood. If we talk about the “Great” who give inspiration and admiration, this is Ivan Shishkin and Claude Monet.

  • Painting style: realism is close to me; the style having become less popular compared to real impressionism and abstraction. I rarely paint using the Alla Prima technique, but I prefer multi-layer glazing painting. So, my paintings “live” a long period of formation before becoming “adult” and complete.

  • The project started in September 2015, and since then I have been trying to fill the site with useful articles and pictures to make it more useful and fun. You can see all my paintings on the site, as well as read articles in the blog.

  • Video channel. Since April 2016, I began to develop a video channel on Youtube, where I periodically upload video tutorials for painting with a complete process and comments from the beginning to the end of each picture. Subscribe, the channel is constantly updated.

  • Water color. Despite the fact that in art school we often painted with watercolors, I abandoned it for a while. In 2017, I was thoroughly up in watercolors and resumed painting with these transparent paints, quick portraits were the most interesting for

Drawing with coffee. Coffee painting was completely unknown to me, and I tried it thanks to the advice of my friend. Drawing with coffee is like watercolors, but still it has its own differences. The most distinctive feature of this painting is the coffee aroma, which stays with the picture for a long time.

Master classes. Master classes with oil paints also got their start in 2017. Every time when we meet with beginning artists and those who just want to have a good time and paint an oil painting as a souvenir, everyone is a little worried. But in spite of uncertainty and excitement, after the art class they leave satisfied with their masterpieces in their hands.
My master classes are for the beginners and those who have not tried themselves in oil painting. Even if you think that you do not know how to hold the brush, at the master class you will get positive emotions and draw your picture (you choose the plot yourself) for a short period of time. The only thing required of you is a desire and positive emotions; everything else you will receive in an oil painting master class.

If you are interested in (or are just going to do it) oil painting, I invite you to my master classes in oil painting where we can meet in a positive environment, and you’ll paint your picture in any of the genres and styles, on a good canvas using professional oil paints, which will definitely be a plus for your masterpiece.

Best regards Andrew Pugach

My carrier:

  • Charity exhibition “The Solar Palette”, Kiev, 2016.
  • Exhibition in the Artist’s House “Beauty Around”, Kiev, 2016.
  • Exhibition “Autumn Palette”. Artist’s House, Kiev, 2016.
  • “All-Ukrainian Christmas contest”. Museum-studio of I.P. Kavaleridze, St. Andrew’s Descent, Kiev, 2017.
  • Exhibition “Awakening”. Artist’s House, Kiev, 2017
  • Art performance “Festival of pysanok 2017”, Kiev, 2017
  • Exhibition-contest XIV Ukraine Art Week, Kiev, 2017.
  • Exhibition-contest “Art In Hearts”, Kiev, 2017. The grand prize.
  • Exhibition “I am an artist”, Artist’s House, Kiev, 2017
  • Art SEASONS Opening Days, M17 Gallery, Kyiv

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2 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Andrew, your color mixing chart has been a totally valuable aid to this 77-year-old beginning painter and I am so very grateful to you. Is it available for purchase, or if not can you recommend a like product? It is incredibly helpful to me to find on your chart a color I want, then look at “start with this color and add that and that.”

    Your art is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your gift!

  2. Thank you Vicki!
    No, Is it not available for purchase.
    But if you want to learn how to mix different paints and get new colors, you can write in the comments and this article and I will answer all your questions and write an answer! 😉

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