Order a painting from the artist

To order a picture on canvas, which can be simpler if you use the individual order form, which is given below.

You can order a picture of any size, and also choose a photo from which you want to order a picture.

Order a painting by artist Andrew Pugach:

Order painting by artist Pugach Andrey

The form of an individual order for a painting from the artist:

Painting to order artist Pugach Andrey
order painting with an artist painting to order

After the order, I will contact you and we will discuss all the nuances and wishes that you want to consider when ordering a painting.

When ordering a painting from an artist, you always know that your idea will be 100% embodied in the painting, the painting will be unique, inimitable and one of a kind.

For a custom-made picture, you can choose any plot: landscape, still life, portrait or abstraction. You can draw a picture according to your idea, draw from a photo or create a whole collage of several photos (for example, combine several people into one picture)

A painting to order is always a unique gift.