How to paint a sea in stages

To paint a picture with a sea landscape, almost every artist has such a desire. Regardless of experience and preferences in the style of painting, the sea can be paint in different ways.

The painting in stages with a seascape was painted quickly (in one evening) without a palette knife only with art brushes. The main character in the picture will be a girl in a long, white dress, who walks on the background of the sea.

Starting to paint this picture with the sea, I did not deviate from my traditions and the canvas was tinted with a transparent layer of brown paint, I applied a drawing that outlined a brown outline.

The next step was made underpainting. For the sky I used blue + white, for sand brown, and in order to draw the sea I used mixtures of blue, purple, white and a little burgundy.

As you see, in the picture I started searching for where and how the waves will be at sea, and also “painted over” the girl and her dress, which I painted using white, purple and blue.

We continue to paint a picture, at this stage I devoted more time to the sea. This was a search for the color of the illuminated and unlit sections of the waves, the reflection of the sky on the water and the direction of the waves that roll towards the girl.

Gradually approaching the completion of the picture, I began to pay more attention to the foreground. Added waves to the sea, which are formed off the coast and foam plays in the sun. Shades of blue, turquoise, green, brown and yellow mixed with white are added to the color of sea water. Also, the sand was lightened a little, along which a girl in a white dress walks.

At this stage, I wanted to show more space in the picture, and for this I decided to add clouds in the sky. I added more blue and violet shades to the skies, and then added clouds. I want to say that the clouds are not pure white, white is also mixed with pink and purple shades.

This is how the completed version of the picture with the sea landscape looks like. The plot itself is memories of a great time when I lived and worked in the unforgettable city of Odessa.

For a more detailed process of painting, see the video at the beginning of the post.

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