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How to paint a watercolor lynx (photo and video)

Paint in watercolor. Some will think this is childish, but believe me, many artists love and paint only with watercolors, no oil, no acrylic, namely watercolor, which is always in their heart. I think that telling what watercolor is and why it is called that makes no sense, it has long been described on Wikipedia and the Internet.

And so, let me show you how to paint a small picture with watercolors depicting lynxes in love. Watercolor painting is always glaze and thin layers through which the structure of the paper and the lower layers are visible.

Video how to paint in watercolor (in Russian)

The first transparent layers in watercolor

So I acted, using a thick brush, dipped the paper and “poured” with warm and cold colors the large “massifs” of snowy surroundings and lynx hair.

Watercolors are painted in a slightly different way than oil or acrylic (although in oil and acrylic you can paint in the same way – with glazes). I painted following from a light tone, gradually dimming it and enriching it with different shades. In the photo you see that purple ones were added on the snow cover, and on the fur of each lynx it became more red. This is such an underpainting in watercolor.

Watercolor. Dark in light

After the background is created and the coat is filled with different shades of fur, you can work a little to darken those places that are in the shade (for this I used purple) and outline dark spots on the fur. Do not use pure black for this, it is better to mix several colors to get dark or add blue and violet alternately to the even. After this is done, the volume immediately appears and the lynxes are perfectly drawn and stand out.

Watercolor brightens after drying

It is worth considering and remember that watercolor paints become lighter after the water has dried, for this reason it is often necessary to “strengthen” the color. For this reason, after drying, you can add even more color and darken the dark spots on the fur. This layer will also become lighter when it dries, but the bottom layer will be more saturated. This is a nice and good plus of painting glazings 🙂

Masking liquid or acrylic for watercolor.

One could stop at this, but wanted to add snowflakes to the hair of lynxes. To do this, often use a masking liquid for watercolor, which is applied to the paper before you start painting. After drying, it is easily erased from paper and leaves places that are not painted over. And if you do not have such a liquid, then you can take acrylic or gouache, which well overlap the watercolor if you paint on top of it.

Here’s a quick watercolor painting, on the example of which I briefly tried to explain the basic principles of watercolor painting. Also do not forget to watch the video, which is located on the page above.

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