Как нарисовать собаку

How to paint a dog in stages

Many artists, both beginners and professional, have a desire to paint a dog. These wonderful animals are often close to humans and artists often receive orders to paint a dog. At the same time, some artists themselves keep four-legged friends at home.

In this article I want to show you how to paint a Jack Russell Terrier breed dog in stages.

Video of how to paint a dog (in Russian)

As you know, I have the habit of painting on a tinted canvas on which a drawing is applied, and this picture was no exception. The drawing is applied very quickly and partly obscene. But I decided to correct it already during the letter.

The drawing is applied very quickly. But I decided to correct it already during the painting.

Gradually got rid of the cleanliness of the canvas and distributed color spots on the dog, the fence behind it and “smeared” a place under the grass. For the fence I have a mixture of brown, ocher, yellow, and for the grass I took paints: green, zumrud, yellow, blue and English red.

The painting continues in stages, and at the next stage I paid attention to the fence and grass, so to speak secondary things in the painting, also added a little tone on the dog’s face and body, thereby dividing the color spots into light and shadow. To the dog in the picture came to life a little bit painted her eyes ocher ocher brown.

It’s time to “dress” our dog, not only in color but also in fur. On the face made bright brush strokes No. 2 lighted areas. On the body with a larger brush number 4, outlined illuminated areas. On the dog’s body, the hair is longer and more collected in such curls.

At this stage, I used more white but not clean, with blue and violet cobalt. As you can see, the dog take on an almost complete look. Fur is already painted everywhere, pay attention in the lower part of the body the green color is mixed in with the color of the wool – this is a reflex that will certainly be discarded from the grass.

Well, probably, the Jack Russell Terrier breed dog is almost ready. At this stage, special attention was paid to the eyes. On top they are darker, and on the bottom they are light, it gives a feeling of their transparency and, of course, contrasting glare “enlivens” the eyes and the dog itself.

And this is the final version, I added some flowers in the grass so that the whole picture “played”. I think this option of stage-by-stage writing of the picture will be mastered by beginners as well, it is not very difficult. A more detailed process of writing a picture with a dog named Kira, see the video at the very beginning of the article.

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  1. I really like how you break down your paintings in steps. It’s neat to see how it evolves into a work of art. Love what you’re doing with your YouTube channel too Andrew =)

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