Как рисовать дождь

How to paint rain with oil paints

Someone loves rainy weather, but some do not. For the artist, this is another way to express yourself and paint not only a sunny landscape, but also cloudy, rainy weather, and they are very different from each other.

In this article I would like to show and tell how I painted a quick etude with a city landscape, cars, wet asphalt and drops on glass.

Video “how to paint rain”

Where to start painting rain?

Start from the sky. Unlike clear weather, when the sky is bright during rain, the sky, on the contrary, becomes one of the darkest in the landscape.

how to draw a rainy sky

For the sky, you can take such paints:

  • blue
  • purple
  • pink
  • gray

Just create a mixture of these paints on the palette or on the canvas itself, for highlighting using white.

When painting this rainy picture, you need to quickly make underpainings and sketch the whole landscape. The main thing here is speed, not clarity of what is painted. After all, the foundation in our picture will be drops that roll down the glass, and the landscape itself will only support the whole idea and add colors to the drops themselves.

painting with rain how to paint it

In this picture, the darkest will be wet asphalt. For asphalt during rain, it is better to take the darkest colors, I have it: “blue”, “purple”, “natural umber.” The dark background of the asphalt will contrastly emit light from the headlights that are reflected in the water.

how to paint wet asphalt while raining

The answer to the question “how to paint rain in stages” becomes clear in itself. After the long-range plan in the picture is ready, it is worth paying attention to the foreground. And to be more specific, the tram and cars. They were specially made colored so that they beautifully “played with colors” in a rainy city.

picture rain how to paint

What rain without wet asphalt, and most importantly without reflection in it.
It’s time to mix the yellow and white paint and paint the headlights on cars and trams, as well as their reflection in the dark, wet asphalt. We also paint the rear, red headlights and their bright reflection.

reflection on wet asphalt how to paint it

How to paint raindrops on glass

And now the most interesting. In our rainy landscape, a background is drawn that we painted quickly so that the paint does not start to dry.

Now is the time to take a thin, round brush, moisten it in a clean thinner and paint lines just like droplets roll down on glass. A brush with thinner removes a layer of paint and thereby the trace that remains behind it looks like thin streams of drops.

how to draw drops on glass

Small drops can also be marked with a brush, just do not make streams with a brush, but simply outline where they will be.

small drops on glass how to paint rain

When the drops are painted or so-called “wiped in paint” they need to give a richness of color. Each droplet will reflect the color of the sky, greenery, car, yellow and red headlights. To do this, take the thinnest brush and add droplets of color.

to paint drops on glass

So it turned out a quick sketch with a city landscape, in which it rained and drops rolled down the glass.

painting city landscape with rain

You can see all the detailed information in the video on this page.

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