как нарисовать летний пейзаж с девочкой

Summer landscape with oil paints. The picture is phased.

Let me show you the process of painting a summer landscape with a little girl who is fishing. As in previous articles on the phasing of a picture with oil paints, this time he prepared a video and a photo.

As usual on a tinted canvas, he drew a drawing with a pencil, which he drew around with brown paint.

After that I proceeded to the first stage. This is an underpainting, you need to apply the main colors in the picture, get rid of the color of the canvas, as you see in the picture, the whole color composition has appeared.

Further work in the picture will be based on refinement, and the next stage of drawing will be work on the background. Pay attention to how the airy perspective appeared on the trees, which estranged them from the foreground. Also in the summer landscape added vibrations on the water using white and a little blue.

Additions to the picture continue throughout the entire painting session, but with the background one can already say finished. Added depth to the sky, enhancing the shades of blue and added more brightness to the clouds that are closer to us.

When the background in the picture is finished, we can start drawing the foreground, and also take the time for the little fisherwoman with a fishing rod. Added color highlights to the water lilies, as well as the reeds which grow not far. As for the little girl, her dress became brighter (used a mixture of white and burgundy).

The final stage in drawing a picture with a summer landscape. Detailing the silhouette of a little girl, her hair, dress and fishing rod that she holds in her hands. Also, glare on the water around the fish that emerged became more contrasting.

The final version of the picture, which I called the “catch”, turned out as such.

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