Long ago creating the oil paintings was considered to be the pinnacle of visual art. The art is amazing carried from ancient artists. On flat white canvas they tried to show sea depth, sky distance and incredible beauty of contrast and brightness of our world.
Only the real artist can paint still lifes, portraits, fantasy items using brush and palette knife.
Seascape, autumn or winter landscapes and also sunsets and beauty of the moonlit night, everything will be more realistic and colourful in the oil paintings.
There are master classes of this artist in Kyiv for those of you who are going to learn how to really paint.
Without regard to your professional level, your painting will be good. Andrew uses the individual approach to each person. He is going to help and to tell people in a master class everything concerning the oil paintings.
On the webside you can buy the paintings of Andrew Pugach.
All his paintings were painted by professional paint on canvas of excellent quality.
The artist represents in the paintings his expression and the unique perception of the world.
Sale is made throughout Ukraine.
Delivery is possible to any country of the world.


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Best regards, Andrew Pugach