How to paint mountains, landscape of Armenia


In this post I want to show you one of the options for painting a mountain landscape. I want to introduce you the landscape of Armenia with two attractions of this wonderful country. This is Mount Ararat and the temple of Khor Virap. The canvas for this picture is medium-grained, size 40 cm x 50 … Read more How to paint mountains, landscape of Armenia

Oil painting “Grandmother’s house”

бабушкин дом

Let me introduce you to one of my last paintings, “Grandma’s House”. Probably, there is nothing special for you in it, but for me it is very expensive. This picture shows the old house of my grandmother, or more precisely, my memories. Grandma’s house forever remained in my childhood memories. After all, I spent more … Read more Oil painting “Grandmother’s house”

Painting in stages “Old Oak”


Phased painting is a very exciting, enjoyable process. For an experienced artist, there is nothing unusual, but for beginning artists, the question of how to draw a picture in stages is very relevant. In this article, I decided to show the phased writing of the picture with oil paints on the example of the painting … Read more Painting in stages “Old Oak”