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Oil painting “Grandmother’s house”

Let me introduce you to one of my last paintings, “Grandma’s House”. Probably, there is nothing special for you in it, but for me it is very expensive. This picture shows the old house of my grandmother, or more precisely, my memories.

Grandma’s house forever remained in my childhood memories. After all, I spent more than one wonderful and unforgettable summer there. This house has not been around for about 10 years. And to be honest, it was hard to remember him.

Grandmother’s house I dreamed several times, after which I decided to paint it. Confused in memories, he made several sketches:

After that, I thought about the composition and decided on the time of year, which will be in the picture with my grandmother’s house.

Memories opened in the smallest details as they were written.

I remembered everything:


old pear that grew in the yard near the house

and even the plums that grew behind the fence.

Also, the memories reminded that the grandmother always had chickens, which also allocated a place in the picture.

The picture is painted with oil paints on canvas with a size of 50×60. Particular attention was paid to the house and pear in the foreground.

Grandma’s house is of no value, but for me it is one of the most expensive and intimate paintings.

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