Painting in stages “Old Oak”

Phased painting is a very exciting, enjoyable process. For an experienced artist, there is nothing unusual, but for beginning artists, the question of how to draw a picture in stages is very relevant. In this article, I decided to show the phased writing of the picture with oil paints on the example of the painting “old oak”.

Personally, I start painting from the background, and at the first stage of painting, it is important to get rid of a blank canvas. I charted the horizon, divided the area under the sky and the earth (closer to the horizon, the sky is always lighter).

At the next stage, he outlined clouds in the sky that immediately give a feeling of space and the far distance.

Continuing the phasing of the picture, in the background he outlined the relief and trees, thereby further leading the horizon into the distance.

At this stage, a sketch of the future “protagonist” in the picture – a tree, was already added to the picture, and he also outlined grass under it.

Starting from this stage of writing, I began to make refinements and give shape to the tree, from which the old oak will turn out.

We are gradually starting to clarify the picture and make more and more refinements. As you can see, I added several large spots of green and outlined branches. Please note introduced more blue into the sky.

Outlined the lightened areas of the tree and added contrast to the shadowed areas of the tree crown.

Continuing the phasing of the picture, he introduced a little “liveliness” into the picture, decided to add a road near the tree, and began to outline lighted grass.

The long-range plan should not be boring for this in my picture appeared illuminated village houses.

What do we do next? Do not stop specifying. At this stage, in the refinement picture, the houses in the background were touched, expensive near the tree, grass and the tree itself, the future wheat field near the houses also appeared.

Gradually supplemented the picture with the most illuminated area in the crown of the tree, and added gleams of the tree among the foliage. In the background, there were cows grazing in the meadow and the clouds became brighter.

At the last stage, he gave the maximum refinement of light and shadow in the foliage of the tree, road and grass.

At this point, the cycle of writing the picture was gradually completed.

For you, at the top of the page I added a video of the whole process as I wrote the picture in stages.

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