How to paint mountains, landscape of Armenia

In this post I want to show you one of the options for painting a mountain landscape. I want to introduce you the landscape of Armenia with two attractions of this wonderful country. This is Mount Ararat and the temple of Khor Virap.

The canvas for this picture is medium-grained, size 40 cm x 50 cm.

Mountain landscape in stages

A pencil drawing is applied to the canvas, which I drew around with brown paint. I didn’t circle the mountain because the picture was painted quickly and didn’t want the paint smeared when the sky was painted.

The next step was the creation of the sky in the picture. The sky is painted in a mixture of blue and pink. But only from above, closer to the horizon, the sky is always brighter and painted with a mixture of blue and white.

I started painting the landscape not from Mount Ararat. Made the underpainting, thereby distributing the main colors of the temple, greenery and mountains in the background.

As can be seen in the photo, painting this mountain landscape, distributed light and shadow on the greenery and stones around the temple, so the volume already appeared in the picture. With a transparent layer of a mixture of blue and violet I painted the relief of the mountain with its crevices. These are only hints so far, but on the whole due to the fact that the mountain is extremely far from the temple, cold shades of blue and purple prevail in it.

The paint mountain is already gaining its shape and recognizability of the relief. In the foreground, refinements touched the stones at the foot of the Khor Virap temple and the stones from which its walls were made. This can be achieved through many small strokes that look like stones.

Again he returned to writing the mountain. With a mixture of blue and white, jq began to outline light areas of the reliefs of Mount Ararat. Long strokes, which are also slightly different in tone from each other, complemented the mountain in the picture.

Light colors (cadmium yellow and ocher yellow), highlighted areas in the grass that are lit by sunlight, thereby achieving volume and a sense of grass cover.
He painted flowers in the grass with a thin brush and added more blue in the crevices of the mountain, this gave them the depth of shadow.

This is how the completed version of the Armenian landscape with Mount Ararat and the temple of Khor Virap looks like.

You can watch more detailed information in the video about the writing of this picture with the mountain which is located at the beginning of this article.

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