How to paint a lavender field

Want to paint a lavender field? This beautiful and sunny story has long been embodied in the paintings of many artists.

In this post I will try to show how to paint a lavender field, and to make the plot of the picture more interesting, a mother with a baby in her arms will walk in the field. This time I have a canvas with medium grain and a small size of 40×50.

The first thing I usually start with is a pencil drawing, which I then drew around with brown paint using a thin brush.

When the drawing is applied, he began to do underpainting . At this stage, little was used of the pure color of the paint, but rather a mainly mixture of blue and violet for lavender flowers and brown with ocher for row spacing.

Having finished the undermining of the field. Also “decorated” mom and child. For denim overalls I used blue, for the color of my skin, ocher, yellow and burgundy. The main figures immediately became expressive against the background of a purple lavender field.

A thin round brush No. 1-2, created many lavender bushes, each brush stroke imitates lavender flowers. For such a long and small job I used a mixture of colors: blue, violet and burgundy (in the illuminated areas I mixed these paints with white). In the picture, these shades are not very noticeable, but there are many of them.

This stage consisted more of giving volume to the figures, especially for mother. See how the volume appeared on Mom’s legs, on her T-shirt and on denim overalls. The hair color and face of the child are created due to brown and ocher yellow. The figures stand out well due to the color.

We continue! I made a color “separation” on the face of the child, due to which the volume has already appeared, also a shadow appeared on the clothes and in the hair.

To the baby was the center of attention, her face will be painted in more detail. The painting of the lavender field is already completed and now the task will be to make these two most expensive people the center of attention in the picture.

This is how the finished version of the picture looks, which I called “Walk in the lavender field”

As you can see, the color palette for this picture is poor, but the mixture of colors allows you to create shades that seem to give the picture much more beauty than the pure colors of the colors. It is always interesting to paint a lavender field, in its colors you can find an incredible amount of shades.

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