Картина львівську пляцки

Painting “Lvivski Plyatski”

Let me introduce you to one of my smallest paintings, which I wrote for the bakery in Kiev, “Lvivski Plyatski” . I like the strudel and desserts that are cooked there.

The idea to paint a picture for “Lvivski Plyatski” came to me suddenly. At home there was a small canvas, one evening I decided to proceed with this idea. I found on the Internet a photo for the picture and, in a good mood, took up writing.

The format of the picture for “Lvivski Plyatski” was not a big one, the task was not difficult and the painting was promised not to be long.

The whole picture was bright and contrasting, I made some changes on my own without making an exact copy from the photo material.

Only one difficulty arose, a small canvas does not allow to detail each detail and face.

The next visit, the bakery gave the finished picture. And he took a couple of photos with the wonderful staff who work there. They accepted her with pleasant and sincere smiles.

Now the picture is hanging in the interior of the “Lvivski Plyatski”, on Podil, which is very pleasant for me!

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