How to paint acrylic on canvas

Acrylic, one of the most common paint of our time. It is loved not only by painters who paint the walls, but also by artists she also liked. To paint with acrylic is easy for someone, but difficult for someone. Personally, I still think it’s easy, but let’s look at an example of a picture with a puppy that eats raspberries.

Video “how to draw acrylic” (in Russian)

I will paint on canvas, a puppy that is covered with fur for this very reason, took brushes from stiff synthetics.
And there are several reasons for this:

  • it is more convenient to paint on canvas with harsh synthetics;
  • glaze will only be at the very end of the painting;
  • fur is easier to draw when the pile leaves marks, just as fur grows.
acrylic underpainting

A feature of acrylic is its similarity with oil paints and with watercolors, and is diluted with water.
The first thing I started with is a quick underpainting, which took 5-7 minutes.

Used paints:

  • white
  • ocher
  • red
  • yellow;
  • violet
  • black.

how to paint an acrylic dog

Due to the fact that acrylic paints dry very quickly (while the water evaporates), you can immediately supplement and draw clarifications on a dry basis. Already at this stage, he began to clarify the muzzle of the puppy whom we are painting

how to draw a picture with acrylic

That’s when the underpainting and colored stain are completely “decomposed according to the picture”. I took the thinnest brush and started painting acrylics of wool. This is a great similarity between acrylic and oil paints, where undermining is also done, and then refinement to details. I think those who paint with oil noticed this similarity.

how to draw acrylic background
how to paint acrylic background

I decided to darken the background behind the dog. A big plus of acrylic is its drying speed. When supplementing the background, it was already completely dry, and oil paints do not dry so quickly. After completing the background, our puppy became brighter and more prominent.

glaze acrylic
glaze acrylic 2
glaze acrylic 3

And here the resemblance of acrylic paints to watercolor is glaze. Glaze is of course also used in oil painting, but the drying time is several times longer than for acrylic paints. But here there are some nuances. Due to the fact that I painted with brushes with a hard pile and on canvas, the acrylic diluted with water was very fluid and less glazed, to put it mildly. For this reason, I applied thin layers with brushes, and shaded them with my finger, thereby it was possible to achieve transparent layers and glazes showed themselves in all their glory.

acrylic painting

A little more details of fur and ripe raspberries and a picture with acrylics on canvas are ready. The speed of drawing with acrylic is simply enthralling, I painted this picture in 30 minutes, agree this can not but rejoice

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