как рисовать тигренка акварелью

How to paint with watercolors. Brave tiger cub.

For watercolor painting, you can choose any plot, someone chooses architecture with the smallest details, someone chooses a portrait, and this time I decided to paint the cute tiger cub who decided to show his courage and bite bamboo.

Video how to paint the tiger cub in watercolor

Watercolor. Where to begin

The first stage of painting with watercolors is very simple and unpretentious; these are the first unsaturated layers of warm and cold shades. Thus, we divide the color of the tiger cub into orange and white wool.

The second stage of painting with watercolor

The second stage in painting the tiger cub also does not differ in saturation, but at this stage there is an enrichment in shades, more shades of orange, pink and red are visible on the wool. The trunk of the bamboo is painted yellow, and the soil around the tiger cub has acquired a blue-emerald color scheme.

Dark watercolor stripes of the tiger cub

They are the ones who will make a real brave tiger out of the kitten 🙂 The stripes on the tiger should emphasize its volume, that is, we paint the lines not evenly, but according to the shape of its legs, muzzle and body. Another plus of these stripes is that after drying, the watercolor will brighten and can be enhanced, but this is already at the next stage.

Volume in watercolor

When our tiger has acquired different shades, then volume can be created on these paints.
In watercolor, paint from light and gradually condense (darken) and draw details. The shadows become deeper, even those dark stripes that are in the shadow should be made more saturated, the legs and muzzle are more traced, and a green tint has already been applied to the bamboo on top of the yellow, which is the lighter part.

The final version looks like this. A tiger cub with turquoise eyes, fine hair traced (ears, mustache), claws on paws, bamboo is divided into sections and supplemented with leaves.

Friends, how do you like this cute watercolor brave man?

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