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How to paint seagulls in the sea in stages

The seascape with oil paints often attracts artists, beginners like to paint rolling waves, and professional artists paint large canvases with the smallest details and additions. One of the frequent and almost mandatory additions to the sea landscape are seagulls that fly over the sea.

In this article I want to show how I painted a picture with seagulls and it was they who paid great attention to the background of sea waves.

Video how to paint gulls (in Russian)

Seagulls oil underpainting

Already at the first stage, the underpainting in the picture with the seagulls shows that they will be the largest, and therefore the main ones. Despite the visual richness of colors at this stage, I used only blue and white for the sky, and for the sea, ocher, brown and blue paint, all shades are their mixtures.

how to paint step by step oil

Without stopping, I made a shade of seagulls (this is their main color, additions will be later) in this I was helped by blue, purple and white colors. On the main color of the sea, he added a lot of bright shades with glare in the sun and reflections from the sky.

How draw seagull

After the second stage, when “everything is in its place” and with the main color, there are no clean spots on the canvas, you can take the time to details and refinements. This time, the goal was to work on glazes, so the highlighted place was written “with too much white.” To thin layers of paint that will be on top, as if shone and enlightened under the sun. After these actions left the picture for a week to completely dry.

how draw oil gull in the sea

After the picture dried, I began to introduce color glaze. In the illuminated parts of the sea and the waves added a mixture of turquoise and yellow colors getting a greenish tint. Added “curly” foam from whitewash in mixtures with pink, yellow, ocher and blue paints.

 how to painting sea with seagulls

The last stage before the completion of the picture was devoted to details, painted the sea with foam and veins that are collected on the sea surface from the waves. I added more color and a clear separation on the bodies and wings of the gulls between light and shadow, due to which the drawn gulls gained volume and proximity to the viewer.

how paint seagulls oil paints

With the smallest brushes, I completed the seagulls (I did not draw each feather, but I took the time and attention to their plumage). To do this, the whole picture was one shade, covered the picture with a transparent layer of blue paint, so that the sea was not separate from the sky, horizon and seagulls.

You can evaluate the result yourself, in this picture you tried to draw seagulls, the sea going into the horizon and the blue sky, and it was also useful to work with glazes, getting a slightly different effect as opposed to drawing “alla prima”. You can see the whole process and drawing details in the video that was posted at the beginning of the article.

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