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How to paint an angel. Symbolism.

How many artists have already painted an angel. I think that almost everyone decided on this step, in this picture, and I took this image. In this article, I decided to draw not just an angel, but to take it, or rather it as a symbol, the symbol from which it all began.
The angel will be represented in the image of a pregnant girl in a cold, dark space, and planets revolve around her, as if she is the beginning of life, space and in general everything.

Video how to draw an angel (in Russian)

How to paint the angel in stages

Let’s start from the very first stage – this is the background. Without drawing the angel himself and the planet around, he created a dark saturated background – space. For this I used paints: blue, burgundy, natural umber without the addition of white, only pure paints.

paint angel in stages

The next step was to “paint over” the body of the angel, that is, we get rid of the white canvas as much as possible. For the girl’s body, I used: yellow, burgundy, ocher and brown, painted with a thin layer without using white. I created wings for an angel from blue and violet paint with the addition of white to make a grayish-bluish tint. I haven’t painted the face of an angel

how draw angel in space

After our canvas is left without white gaps, we can “distribute” different shades on the body of the angel, here “come into play”, violet, blue, green shades, the volume of the tummy of the pregnant angel appears. I used a blue tint for highlights, and more red for shadows.

Draw angel step by step

How to paint space

The time has come to pay attention to the cosmos in which our angel is located. Space with its nebulae is pretty simple to draw. The main thing that is required is a prepared dark foundation, which has not yet been created in the first stage.

How to draw space

How did I draw a galaxy in space? To do this, we need a finger, which we will rub the paint to get the effect of the nebula and the glow of the galaxy in space. Apply a light brush in the shape of an elongated ellipse with a small brush, I have it yellow with white, it will be the center of the galaxy.

how draw galaxy

This layer of paint should not be liquid, so that it can be rubbed and get the effect of a misty glow. Then, having retreated a little along the entire ellipse, you need to apply a different shade, I have it blue, it will be the outskirts of the space galaxy.

how draw galaxy space

When these steps are done, it’s time to rub the paint on the canvas using your finger.

how to draw space with oil

To make the whole cosmos color, there is only one principle: apply color paint and grind it so that the shade dissolves like nebula to the outskirts.

How to paint planets in space

As you can see the planets I took familiar to us from our solar system. Jupiter Mars and Earth are easily recognizable in the foreground. Since the planets in the picture are one of the smallest objects, I painted them with a thin brush with small strokes, drawing their atmosphere and relief

how to draw planets in space

How to paint the angel portrait

When it can be said that the drawing of the cosmos is completed and the body of the angel has already received its shades, it is time to create a portrait of the angel. In my picture, this is a pretty young girl with brown eyes and dark hair colors. The work on the portrait is not very long, but because of the size of the painting, I also painted with the smallest brush. The portrait was created as if by pixels, each small stroke had to create the volume and appearance of a pregnant angel.

angel portrait

As you can see, after drawing the facial features have become clearly expressive and recognizable.

how draw portrait angel

Angel wings how to paint

Now I would like to show how easy it is to create the plumage of angel wings. With light touches of the brush we create an imitation of feathers. Press the brush with the paint, draw a little on the canvas and release. The color of the feathers is slightly lighter than the general background of the wings and therefore they will be expressive.

how to draw angel wings

Feathers should be of different shades, along this bottom they will be colder and longer, and on top small and warm all like birds.

angel wings-how to paint

Dear friends, I am grateful for your attention to this article and to my site, you can see all the details of how to draw an angel in space in the video, which is located at the top of the article.

And the finished picture with an angel looks like this:

angel in space

In this picture there is a lot of symbolism, and a pregnant girl, and the fact that she has wings behind her back and even that the planets revolve around her …
And what symbols did you see in writing this picture?

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