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Mixing paint colors

Full standings color mixing oil paints with examples and instructions for mixing.
For many artists, especially beginners color mixing problem can be very important.
How to get a color that is not at hand? Of course mix paints on the palette! A color mixing table below will help get the necessary colors for oil painting. The table is painted in detail how and what colors to mix to get different colors. The table will expand the horizons and add a daring young artists to mix colors, as for the color you need to mix a few colors and 4 types 2-3 for a shade.

Color  The required color The main color + mixing Instructions
  Pink White + add a little red
  Light chestnut Red + add black or brown and white
  Royal red Red + add blue
  Red Red + white lightening, yellow to get orange-red
  Light orange Yellow + add red a little white
  Golden Yellow + little red or brown
  Yellow Yellow + white lightening, red or brown for dark shades
  Pale green Yellow + add blue / black for the depth
  Grass green Yellow + add blue and green
  Olive Green + add yellow
  Light green Green + add white / yellow
  Turquoise-green Green + add blue
  Bottle green Yellow + add blue
  Coniferous Green + add yellow and black
  Turquoise blue Blue + to add a little green
  White-blue White + add blue
  Wedgwood blue White + blue, and add a little black
  Royal blue Blue + black, and add a little green
  Dark blue Blue + Black, and add a little green
  Gray White + add a little black
  Pearl grey White + black add a little blue
  Medium brown Yellow + add red and blue, white lightening, black to dark.
  Red-brown Red and yellow + add blue and white to lighten
  Golden brown Yellow + add red, blue, white. More yellow for contrast
  Mustard Yellow + add red, black and a little green
  Beige Brown and gradually add white to give a beige color. Add yellow for brightness.
  Off-white White + add brown or black
  Pink-gray White + little red or black
  Blue-gray White + add light gray + a bit of blue
  Green-gray White + add light gray + a bit of green
  Сharcoal-grey White + add black
  Lemon-yellow Yellow + add white, a little green
  Light-brown Yellow + add white, black, brown
  The color green fern White + add green, black and white
  Color of forest green Green + add black
  Emerald-green Yellow + add green and white
  Light green color Yellow + add white and green
  Aquamarine White + add green and black
  Avocados Yellow + add brown and black
  Royal purple Red + add blue and yellow
  Dark purple Red + add blue and black
  Tomato red Red + add yellow and brown
  Mandarin orange Yellow + add red and brown
  Reddish-brown Red + add brown and black
  Orange Orange add brown
  Burgundy-red Red + add brown, black and yellow
  Raspberry Blue + add white, red and brown
  Plum Red + add white, blue and black
  Chestnut Yellow + add red, black
  The color of honey White, yellow and dark brown
  Dark brown Yellow + Red, Black and White
  Copper-gray Black + add the white and red
  The color of the eggshell White + yellow, a little brown
  Black Black. Use black as pitch, or brown+blue+red.

Сolor mixing table always tell how to mix oil paints for painting, this table should be available to every Artist!

If you have questions, ask them in our color chat.

Video “how paints are mixed”

a detailed example of how paints are mixed. Several colors, when mixed, give a new color.

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  7. What color should i mix in brown/light brown to make or to get the color of GREY?? Thank youshiram

  8. So over the years I have just mixed paints bye no particular directions just you know whatever looks good I always hoped I had enough to do a wall or whatever then I started working at Walmart years ago in their paint department they had a section called oops paint. it’s the paint gallons that people bring back saying or it’s the wrong color or whatever and you could get them for an easy $2 $5 at the most 4 a gallon. but now I’m so glad to have found this because I’m looking for a particular purple and I wanted to know what colors to mix with it to get that purple so and I wanted to make sure I got it right because I only have one shot you know how that is so I found this website just 5 minutes ago. And I’m going to follow it to the t I don’t work at Walmart anymore send so I’m going to have to buy the actual paint and I’m trying to mix but I’ll tell you a good little trick I learned I had a friend that works for old home Depot and he installed Windows for them as a subcontractor. He also painted houses. So he would go into home Depot and tell them that his customer wanted her house of particular flu but really wasn’t sure which tips so they would give him like four different samples jug’s of those and if you mix them all together you’ve got yourself a gallon of glue well I did that and I painted my bedroom furniture with this beautiful shade of blue that I have ever seen I’ll never be able to duplicate it because it’s all gone but that is a little trick for getting free paint. My bad, I know. But what the hell my furniture looks like a million bucks now when I was Justice ugly fake wood previously. Thanks again for your information I love it. Linda Oppelt.

  9. Great Stuff. I have been struggling to get this information for a long time – God Bless

  10. I’m afraid it will be a very dirty shade.
    if you mix blue, burgundy and brown, it will be almost black; if you add white, it will be gray.

  11. Hello! I’m trying to get a teal color and I have a 5 gallon bucket of grey to paint the outside of the house. What colors can inbox w the grey to get a teal? Doesn’t matter if it’s light or dark teal

  12. Hi Madeleine Swanepoel!
    You need to mix pink and beige.
    To make it lighter, add white, and to get a contrast a little bit black

  13. So I Google’s just a simple little question of mixing 2 colors. I stumbled upon this color chart and was absolutely blown away. I actually didn’t know you could do this much with color. I mean as stupid as this sounds I knew that all those colors were out there, but honestly had no idea how they got their color. Lol me assuming that they just showed up to play one day. Haha, HOWEVER a jotted the whole referenced color guide down by hand as I will need this in a crafting project I’m starting tonight. I so much needed the off grid color hacks for jacket suits worn in this “Beatles” project. Thank you so much for this useful knowledge, I assure you that it will be put to use daily for me.

  14. Hi Bien!
    Of course, all paint mixes are suitable for all types of paints, oil, caril, watercolor…

  15. Hi, Great web page and you sir are a Gem. I want to paint my house with different grays. Light gray for the house, darker for big trim and even darker for smaller trim and black for the shutters. I would liker to add a little blue or green to the gray colors. What would I end up with, kind sir?

  16. Hi Jeff!
    If you want to make gray lighter or darker, you need to use white and black. If you add blue or green, it will affect the dimming of the paint and add a shade

  17. Hi Andrew,
    Thanks for the very useful info.
    What colours should I mix and in what proportion to get ivory and cream colours?

  18. Hi Srinivas!
    To get ivory, you should use white, brown, and ocher.
    For cream use white and ocher or beige

  19. Thank you very much. I have white and yellow paints. Just wondering, Is there a way to get ivory and cream by adding common colours to this combination?


  20. If you have white and yellow then add more brown, you can also add a little pink, it will give soft and pleasant shades.
    Choose different proportions, depending on which shade is needed.

  21. This blog was… how do I say it? Relevant!! Finally I have
    found something that helped me. Thanks!

  22. I have a light yellow but I want to turn it lilac what mixture of colours can I obtain to make lilac

  23. I’m afraid yellow does not help here.
    For lilac, you need purple and white, you can add blue.
    You can also mix blue and red, it will be purple.

  24. Hi Andrew, I have a darker color khaki paint and want it to be a lighter shade of grey (not too light if possible). What colors can I mix to obtain grey?

  25. Hi Mia!
    I think you need to add a little bit of white. It will not be pure gray, but if you do not have black, then add khaki to white, this will give a grayish-greenish tint.

  26. I have a 2gallon of a light beige color… wanna know what I can add to it for a pop of color… for living room.

  27. Tell me what color you want. After all, from beige you can get many shades and colors 🙂

  28. For the color of silver, gray-blue shades are often used.
    But the difficulty is not in color, but in drawing metal. Silver glares and has contrasting reflexes, takes on the colors of the surrounding objects, so the ability to draw shiny metal is more important than just a single color of silver.

  29. I am truly pleased to read this webpage posts which
    consists of tons of valuable facts, thanks for providing these

  30. Hello Andrew, what colour will light gray and medium to light brown make in stain for a fence (not paint)? Thank you!

  31. Hi Andrew,
    I have a light green paint and want to make grey from it. What color I need to add to get Grey color. Thanks a lot in advance.

  32. Hello!
    Gray is most easily obtained from black and white. If you add black and white paint to green, you will get gray, with a green tint

  33. Thank you
    Such a mixing of colors will give a gray-green tint, or dirty green depending on the proportions of the colors

  34. Mixing white and silver shades will give a not very pleasant white color with a touch of silver.

  35. It is best to mix blue, brown and burgundy to get black.
    But if there are only 2 colors, try mixing a deep blue and brown.

  36. This is so great! But one thing I’m confused about- where it says “blue+…”, how do we know which blue? Adding in that info would be so helpful

    But thanks in any case, love this website!

  37. Hey!
    Blue + white = light blue, and it doesn’t matter if you mix blue with white or white with blue

  38. It is easy, it will be light yellow, if you add white, then the color will always be lighter

  39. Hello Stasy!
    It is easy!
    If you mix red + yellow = orange.
    If you add white it will light orange

  40. To get the color of magnolia, you need to mix white and burgundy. Add purple to darken, and more white to lighten.

  41. Hi Tisha! 🙂
    If you want to mix pearl white paint, just add pink and ocher to white color

  42. For lavender color, use the following colors:
    – blue
    – pink
    – purple
    You can mix with each other and paint individual strokes with clean paints, due to the many shades and lavender color.

    For espresso color, mix black and brown, add ocher for lightening

  43. Hey! 🙂
    If you mix pink + yellow, you get a light orange hue.
    If there is more yellow paint, then the color is more orange, if there is more pink, then the color of salmon will turn out

  44. There are many different colors.
    If you mix white, black, red, honey and purple, you get some not beautiful color, artists call such a mixture of paints dirt. It will turn out to be some kind of brownish-gray, but not very pleasant paint color.

  45. It’s impossible. White color, cannot be obtained from other colors. Other colors can be made lighter by adding white.

  46. Andrew Pugach, I love your work and the way you explain the topic, please permit me to make use of your image and the colour mixing instruction table in writing and teaching in my school. you will be acknowledged. Thank you.
    Ejiohuo Benjamin

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