Top uncomfortable questions for the artist

Top uncomfortable questions for the artist

Like all people, artists do not like some questions, they just hate them and are ready to beat the one who asks them. Some humiliate him, and some throw him off balance due to the fact that they are constantly repeated. What are these questions and why do people of art get mad, read below 🙂

Are you a real artist? Where have you studied? Do you have the diploma?

Artists do not like this question, because I am an artist or not, it is not a university diploma that decides, but an idea, skill, vision. Having a diploma will not tell you anything, and an artist without a crust may be more successful and more in demand than a graduate one. Now, in general, there are many self-taught artists, I think this is a huge plus, since the framework of talent, success and “correctness” is blurred. It means that everyone can express themselves and realize themselves, without a diploma and medals. Although I am not suggesting that education is useless!

Is this the picture? I used to paint like that as a child

Did you paint the same way as a child? Great, why aren’t you selling your creations? What is art and what is not? Can someone answer so that no one disputes this? I doubt. Of course, you have the right to express your opinion, you may like or dislike a picture of any artist. But if your goal is to humiliate the artist or convey to him that he is mediocrity … I think you should go wherever he will send you.

Nicely drawn. Do you have good brushes and paints?

Yes, my paints are good and my brushes are excellent … only a good creation can be done with bad brushes with paints or, for example, fingers … what else I do not say anything else, I think if it is interesting Google will tell you what some people use to paint pictures.

But ask yourself a question, do you really think that someone is interested in listening, that he did something because of good instruments? Yes, it makes the work easier, but it is not uniform, due to which this or that result is obtained.

If you bake a cake and it’s delicious. Is it delicious because you have a good oven? Or thanks to the fact that the recipe has been sustained, or perhaps this is your author’s recipe?

If you need to hang a cornice, you or a craftsman will do it, will it do it because of a cool drill or because of skill and desire? Can’t you do that with an old drill? I think the answer is obvious!

Why is it so expensive?

Don’t buy expensive (don’t order). If this is the craft of an artist and you want a picture of him, please pay his price. The artist sets the price, not you! And there is no need to underestimate the work of the master and say who will buy it. You will not buy, you will buy another. When you buy a new mobile, you don’t say “expensive”, sell it to me with a 70% discount? If you want a good one, you buy it at a specified price, you don’t have enough money, you buy a cheaper one, the same is from an artist.

Will you draw me?

F…ck! Everyone will say it. This is probably the most common question for an artist, especially if he started drawing relatively recently, or you just met him … do not be offended, he will want to draw, he will not want to refuse.
Understand, if you have a familiar chef, you will not order him to cook dinner for you, simply because he knows how to cook deliciously. And also multiply this question by 10 or 100, and maybe by 1000. Then the reaction with rolling the eyes will be understandable.

What are your disliked questions? Even if you are not an artist, do you have the most annoying questions?

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