За сколько продать картину

Why so expensive? How to make a price for your picture.

When ordering a painting from an artist, everyone thinks how much it costs. Oddly enough, artists call the price, which is often scary.
Let me try to tell you why it is so expensive. For some strange coincidence, the artists are considered parasites and drunks. It happens … but it is not!

And so let’s talk about the price.

The price of an art painting consists of:

the price of the painting is the artist’s materials
  • the price of the canvas (you probably want it to be good and of high quality),
  • the price of paints (a portrait should not be yellow, but with many shades, as in life),
  • brushes (the artist needs not one brush, but different in shape and size, and material), the brushes are erased from the canvas and over time you need to acquire new ones,
  • thinners (turpentine, white spirit, varnish, oil), does this mean something to you? And the artist uses it for oil painting.

Conclusion: materials also add value to the picture.

A picture costs as much as materials and is that all?

how to sell a painting to an artist

No, not all! A good picture, with well-painted details, richness of color and all that the customer wants, can be drawn week, month, six months, year. How much can such a picture cost? Are you personally ready for how much money, for example, a month?

There is an opinion, the artist still constantly draws something, even if he draws me. The artist constantly draws because he is improving, and not because he has nothing to do.

If a painting is painted quickly, is it cheap?

If the picture is painted quickly, then it is cheap.

No, this is not at all! The plumber will quickly repair the pipe, the doctor will quickly make an examination and prescribe the medicine, and the web programmer can create a website in a day. Do you think these people are loafers too? I doubt it! The artist has his own intellectual work and is valued no less than other professions.

Conclusion: the period of writing a picture does not always affect its price.

How much an artist needs to take for his paintings.

how to determine the price of your picture

The artist is the same person as you! He is sick, eats, goes to the cinema and visits the dentist. You also go to work in order to afford all this? The most basic needs are given as an example. The artist wants to participate in exhibitions, learn new techniques, go on vacation, create his own gallery … and selling a painting should cover all this, even if not at once, but it’s not worth selling a painting for 10 dollars!

The client sees only the final result, and all stages remain secret. These stages are the most important! A good picture cannot be cheap. The skill, knowledge, materials and soul of the artist are invested in the picture. This is the same job as a programmer, aircraft designer, banker or dog handler.

You as an artist yourself determine the value of your painting. But you must be not only an artist, but also a businessman in order to sell your paintings profitably, calculate everything that is listed above and determine the minimum price for your creation, but try to sell it more expensive, or hire an art dealer.

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