Зачем художники скупают туалетную бумагу

Why do artists buy toilet paper

Even before the “world” quarantine, artists were stocked with toilet paper, as they say even before it became mainstream. The panic from the COVID 19 virus showed that people began to buy a lot of food and toilet paper to sit out the virus comfortably and calmly at home. Have artists been preparing for the coronavirus for a long time?

Not at all!

Even in very distant, primitive times, the artists who left the cave paintings must have gotten dirty in paint and they faced the question of how to wash their hands or face. Perhaps they used grass or river water for this, I don’t know.

But what does the ancient people have to do with it? They are here to show the problem of artists, which we have to solve in every drawing session. These are clean hands, hands, and possibly clothing.

For a long time, artists used rags (cloth, unnecessary rags) to wipe paint off their hands and brushes; in Soviet times, such rags were saved and washed for reuse. Over time, these pieces of fabric began to be thrown away immediately after they accumulated paint and solvent when wiped off (in the case of oil painting).

Well, modern artists mostly use the same toilet paper (napkins, paper towels).

Why is toilet paper better than tissue for artists?

  • easier and cheaper to buy (can be purchased at any store)
  • does not need to be cut into pieces of a suitable size, unlike fabric
  • suitable for painting with oil, acrylic, watercolor
  • no need to store large volumes

Each artist chooses for himself what he likes best, someone chooses paper napkins, someone paper towels, and someone chooses the cheapest toilet paper.

So the next time you see someone in the store typing paper, this does not mean that he is an alarmist and is going to spend a long time in self-isolation. Perhaps he is an artist and plans to paint well.

PS: As for wet wipes, they also help artists, it is more convenient to wipe their hands and palette with a wet napkin, which removes paint residues (acrylic, watercolor).

For oil painting, wet wipes are good for wiping your hands, oddly enough, ordinary wet wipes wipe oil paint from the skin better and easier, better than washing with soap.

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