Как выбрать раму для картины

How to choose a frame for a picture is short and clear.

How to choose a frame for a picture, this question puzzles artists and their clients. The picture itself should fascinate and attract attention, but its obligatory attribute is the frame (or as they are also called baguette).

Agree, a picture without a frame is not a complete work of the master. While the canvas, framed in the correct frame, acquires completeness and a certain continuation of its compositional idea due to the beautiful baguette. Just like with a diamond – a gem in an advantageous supply opens with completely different faces.

Making paintings in a baguette

-what we will learn right now. To do this, consider the main types of frame baguette.

Canvases can be framed with a direct baguette, a baguette having a flat or reverse profile.

Straight frame shape

has a characteristic bevel from the outer edge of the profile to the inner. Perfect for canvases that require enhancing the depth of the composition (for example, landscape).

Reverse frame shape

characterized by the fact that its bevel goes in the opposite direction, i.e. from canvas to the outer edge of the profile. Thanks to this baguette, the picture is visually closer to the audience.

Flat frame shape

it does not have bevels in either direction. Suitable for bright pictures that do not need an enhancing effect.

Frames for painting

can be made of various materials. Hardwood is an undoubted favorite in terms of quality and stability of time and atmospheric influence. The most economical option when choosing a frame for paintings is such a modern material as polystyrene. Polystyrene has the ability to simulate any material, including wood. But he has a significant drawback – excessive ductility, which with large sizes of canvases leads to curvature of the profile.

When making pictures in frames, baguettes of various textures, colors, widths are used. There is only one rule here – among all the options offered by the market, choose the frame that best serves the landscape, still life or any other artistic composition to the viewer. Only a baguette in harmony with the canvas will give the picture maximum expression and ease of perception.

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  1. I found it interesting when you said to choose a frame that fits well within the landscape. I’ve ordered some high-quality pictures from a photographer and I need some good frames that will complement them in our house. It’s probably a good idea to find a style that intrigues me and go from there.

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