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The choice and arrangement of paintings: 10 secrets from interior designers

In practice, not a single room is considered finished without interior decoration with paintings, prints, art panels or photographs. The interior with a picture is an integral image of any space. This seemingly simple decor element brings the necessary emphasis into the space, energy, sets the tone. But only with the right selection and placement on the wall! To your attention, some secrets of designers to create the greatest harmony in the interior with the help of paintings. They will help to resolve two important questions that arise in this case: how to choose a picture? and how to hang a picture?

Secrets of the right choice of picture:

  • If you chose a canvas with a large picture or just a large size when choosing a painting, it is very important to consider that for such canvases the best view guarantees a distance of several meters. In addition, a large canvas executed in bright active colors is quite capable of changing the perception of the interior as a whole. Such a picture is ideal for spacious rooms (for example, for a living room or an oversized bedroom), since it will help to visually reduce the space.
  • Choosing a picture, you should also pay attention to the horizontal or vertical of its execution. Horizontally elongated paintings, art panels have the visual ability to lengthen the walls, while vertical paintings increase the height of the ceilings. Horizontal canvases organically look above the bed, sofa in the living room or chest of drawers. Vertical – the perfect solution for narrow walls.
  • If the wall on which you are going to hang the picture has a too expressive surface texture or bright paint, then place the canvas in a wide-panel mat. Its wide fields will play a good “defensive” role here: the subtle details of the work of art, its soft color transitions will not be lost against the background of mottled patterns or an actively textured wall.

Secrets of the correct location of the picture:

There is a universal technique for placing pictures on the wall. To properly hang horizontal paintings, visually draw a parallel line that runs 2-3 cm above the lower edge of the painting (not the frame, but the canvas itself!), And place the painting in such a way on the wall that this line is at a level of sight.

The same principle applies in the case of vertical paintings, provided high ceilings. If the ceilings are low, then the parallel must be drawn a little higher – 6-7 cm from the edge of your vertical canvas.

  • As a rule, large and medium format paintings in the interior look advantageous if they are positioned so that the center of the canvas is at the eye level of a standing person. The optimal height will be 1.6 m from the floor.
  • Photographs, etchings, engravings, small-sized paintings on the wall are recommended to be placed slightly below eye level, about 1.5 m from the floor. Try to arrange such works of art in a way that is convenient
    examine them from close range (no further than 1 meter).
  • An important aspect in determining the optimal distance for viewing paintings is also the technique of their execution. For example, impressionist painting (written in large strokes) requires following a certain rule: the largest side of the canvas, multiplied by 3 – this should be the minimum distance from the viewer to the painting.
  • Some paintings (as a rule, this applies to paintings written in classical technique framed in a massive frame) require special attention. To hang such a picture on the wall, it is necessary to have a sufficiently large space, since it most likely will not benefit from the proximity to furniture or other artistic canvases.
  • If your chosen paintings for the interior are small and the wall in the room is large enough, it is best to place them in a properly organized group around the one you like most. Make up a group of necessarily “related” paintings, that is, related by theme, color scheme or writing style. So, it can easily be a combination of paintings made in watercolor and oil, having the same color scheme or theme.
  • When placing groups consisting of different-sized paintings, it is extremely undesirable to hang large canvases over canvases of a smaller format. Otherwise, visually the upper paintings will “crush” with their mass the paintings located below.

In no case do not place pictures on the wall in order of decreasing or increasing their size, so to speak “in height” – this is considered a sign of bad taste.
For paintings of the same size, it’s quite interesting when they hang on the wall at different levels. But if you doubt your design abilities, then you can use the simplest solution – hang the pictures in a row, at the same distance from each other.

In a group of three paintings, it is necessary to take into account that the main one, which attracts attention, is the picture located in the middle.

Everyone knows the old proven method of grouping – the so-called trellis hanging, when the whole wall is completely hung with paintings. This arrangement is often chosen for photographs.
Remember, no matter which grouping method you choose, start composing on the floor. Pleased with the “floor” result – feel free to transfer your picture “gallery” to the walls.

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