Выставка картин Солнечная палитра

Exhibition of paintings “The Solar Palette”

I am glad to inform you that my paintings for the first time participated in the exhibition “The Solar Palette”, which took place from June 1 to 20 in Kiev in the art space of the Takeshy Kurosawa Style Academy.

I sent two of my paintings to the exhibition with such a bright and warm name:

“Summer” 40х50

“Golden Autumn” 40х50

The exhibition of paintings by artists was really bright, it was represented by artists of different levels, with different styles and paintings.

What was special about the exhibition “The Solar Palette”? In addition to the fact that there were presented beautiful paintings from no less beautiful and pleasant artists, it was that the exhibition was charity! Charity of the “Solar Palette” was aimed at supporting “special” children with mental disabilities.

At the opening, there were many visitors, artists and their friends who came to support the talented creators of fine art. Our paintings were hung around the perimeter.

What to tell there, see for yourself on the photo:

From myself I want to express my gratitude to the organizers, participants and everyone who came to support me at this exhibition!

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