Рождественский конкурс художников

Christmas competition of artists on St. Andrew’s Descent 21.

The exhibition of paintings, which was a competition and took place in one of the most famous and colorful historical centers of Kiev – St. Andrew’s Descent 21, I.P. Museum-Workshop Kavaleridze. There was a selection in the competition, after which the paintings for the exhibition were accepted.

From me, two paintings participated in the competition, which were not the first time on display:

Picture 50×60 “Night Sea”

Picture 40×60 “Sunset on the ancient city of Bagan”

The exhibition began in December (the opening was December 28, 2016), and the results of the competition were January 11, 2017.
The exhibition presented many works that pleased the level of skill, size and talent of the artists.

During the competition, the jury selected works that would be awarded first place in the categories: “Fantasy”, “Still Life”, “Portrait”, “Graphics” and others … the jury also noted some artists, although they did not receive championships in this art competition.

My works were not the first, but the jury marked them and were left for another 10 days to be displayed at the museum-workshop on Andriyivskyy Descent 21.

I heartily congratulate the winners of the contest and express gratitude to the organizers for the excellent organization and holding of the exhibition.

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