Exhibition of paintings “Autumn Palette”. House of Artists

The next exhibition of paintings in which I took part was in November at the Kiev House of Artists. Despite. that November is a harbinger of winter, and the exhibition was called “Autumn Palette”, my paintings were with summer landscapes.

Picture “Sunset over the ancient city of Bagan” 40×60

Picture “Summer noon” 50×40

As always, the organization of the exhibition and the large number of beautiful and vibrant paintings by artists from different parts of Ukraine were pleased. The variety of subjects, sizes and techniques in which the paintings were made could not leave indifferent any visitor to the exhibition.

Words can’t convey everything, better appreciate the beauty of the exhibition at the Artist’s House from the photo.

As well as the last time, there was musical accompaniment, the saxophone game gave a pleasant and romantic atmosphere to the “autumn palette”

Also a pleasant surprise at the exhibition was a draw among the participants of a trip for two to Budapest. The owner of which was a talented and charming girl Sofia.

The exhibition was held from November 18 to 27. Kiev House of Artists.

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