Video tutorials, can I learn to paint?

Everyone who wants to learn, or at least try oil painting, watched video tutorials on how to painting. And the abundance of such videos on the Internet is growing every day. Learning to paint with oil paints today is much easier than even some 50 years ago.

Everyone who wants to learn how to paint first selects video tutorials in which artists share little secrets on how to paint.

Pioneers in video lessons can probably be considered:

Bob Ross Video Tutorials

a cheerful American artist who will show you how to quickly and easily paint in oil.

It is remembered by light technique (I think absolutely everyone can replicate his technique), fun lessons and his curly-haired hair.

Video artist Igor Sakharov

In the CIS, one of the brightest and most famous teachers of oil painting by video is Igor Sakharov.

Lessons by Igor Sakharov oil for beginners who are just trying can be a little more difficult, but much more effective. Now on YouTube there are a lot of video lessons not only from Igor, but also from his students.

Artist George Dmitriev

For those who want to learn how to write the sea beautifully, I would recommend studying with the video lessons of the Russian artist George Dmitriev. George may not be as famous in video tutorials as previous artists, but believe me, his talent will definitely surprise you, and his video will teach you something new. Seascapes from George Dmitriev are bewitching, and his videos show how easy it is to write them.

Gary Jenkins

this funny bearded man will teach you in his video tutorials how to paint incredibly beautiful and delicate flowers with oil paints. His thin-layer painting will be useful for those who want to paint flowers beautifully: peonies, roses and daisies are very easy for Jenkins. Harry often jokes during lessons and interestingly talks about mixing colors and writing.

Artist Michael James Smith

Michael will surprise you with his technique and the beautiful scenery of England. Each of his paintings is striking in its realism. In his video lessons, the artist shows all his detail and painstaking work, from which the video lesson on one picture can be divided into 3-4 videos. Michael Jason Smith is the son of talented landscape painter David Smith. His lessons are not simple, and it will not be possible to write the same pictures in one session, so for beginners it will be difficult to repeat, but the video tutorials on painting Michael Jason must be watched.

Video Tutorials Andrew Pugach

Do not forget the same about me 🙂 I also conduct a video channel on which I post videos with different plots.
On my channel you will find video tutorials with different techniques and different colors: oil, acrylic, watercolor and even coffee painting.

In the video tutorials, oil painting, for you it will be described in detail what paints to mix, what brushes to paint, as well as how to properly lay the paint on canvas. For a beginner who did not hold hands in his hands, this is probably the perfect solution. Over time, you can learn to copy all the video lessons on painting. But will it suit you? Is it enough for you to be able to copy oil painting from video lessons?

Due to the fact that you can get used to writing only “under dictation”, the decision to paint your own picture with oil paints may come very soon or not at all!

I do not urge you to abandon the doctrine of the video of oil painting, I only want you to be more determined and not linger on the video lessons. For beginners, video tutorials on oil painting are what you need, but in the future you need to boldly take up a blank canvas and paint your own picture, in its own way, special for you!

If something does not work out, then most likely you need an experienced artist to help and guide you. Practice, you know, is the most important thing in this business. And no matter how much you write pictures like Igor Sakharov or Bob Ross, your picture will be better! At least by the fact that it will be your personality, and not another artist.

When in front of your eyes only nature or a photo you decide for yourself: which paints to mix, which brush to take, and how thick or thin to put the paint on the canvas. What can’t be in the video tutorials …

Only your talent, desire and perseverance will help you become an artist! After all, the artist is not a photographer, he sees and perceives everything in his own way. And remember the “senior” mentor will definitely help you! For this, artists hold their master classes, because such an experience as an artist needs to be developed for a long time!

The answer, how to learn to paint, can be found: in video lessons on the Internet, books, but first of all look for this answer in yourself!

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