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How to send a picture abroad

Every modern artist (especially successful, I hope you are) is sooner or later faced with the problem of sending paintings or even several paintings abroad. But, unfortunately, not everyone knows how to do this and what needs to be prepared, regardless of whether the picture is for sale or just a gift to a friend. To begin with, there are several ways to send pictures abroad.

Consider these options in 4 neighboring countries: Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

The first and most reliable option is to transport the picture across the border in person or through friends. If the picture is without a stretcher, it can be transferred in baggage or hand luggage. The right of transportation can be provided by a customs officer, confirming that the picture does not bear historical and cultural value. The procedure is approximately the same for Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan and does not require additional information if the painting is no more than 50 years old.

Sending paintings abroad by mail or courier service: there are already difficulties.

How to send a picture abroad from Ukraine:

To send a picture abroad from Ukraine you need to get “Conclusions of the state examination of cultural property”. For this, it is necessary to submit to the Main Department of Culture of the regional state administration:

  • 2 photos (naturally colored) of the picture, 13×18 cm in size, on the back write the name, name of your masterpiece, year of writing, the actual size of the picture, the technique in which they wrote;
  • fill out an application, the form of which can be found on the spot, and show the original picture, which will be sent.
  • The cost of this conclusion (at the time of publication of the article) is about 20 hryvnias for one painting.
  • Important! There is one very important nuance, museums also issue this conclusion. But prices usually start from 200-300 UAH, so it’s worth specifying the cost without intermediaries by phone. 0442795647, General Directorate of Culture of the Kyiv City State Administration issues termless opinions for very little money.

How to send a picture by mail abroad from Russia:

you need to apply for permission to export the picture in the Department of Culture of the city with confirmation that your picture does not represent cultural and artistic value. For reference, the list of components is approximately the same as for Ukraine:

  • it is enough to present a photo of the painting 13×18 cm in 2 copies – the appropriate stamp is put on them, the name, name, year, size and technique are indicated. Apply one photo to your package.
  • the cost of the fee for issuing a certificate is about 300 rubles per painting.

How to send a picture abroad from Belarus:

the document confirming the right to export your work abroad is the “Certificate for the right to export (send) cultural property from the territory of the Republic of Belarus”. This certificate is issued in triplicate: for the customs authorities, the applicant and the Ministry of Culture. The expert commission must provide:

  • written application, identity card (passport or other document),
  • photographs of an object not less than 10 × 15 cm in size (two copies), the original picture,
  • which is preparing for export,
  • confirmation of payment of state duty.

A certificate for the right to send paintings abroad from Belarus is issued for a period of one year.

How to send a picture abroad from Kazakhstan:

first you need to fill out applications to the expert commission created by the local executive body of the region (city of republican significance, the capital).

Also attached to the application:

  • copy of identity card,
  • photo of the painting 10×15 cm, and the painting itself for acceptance of the application.

The examination is carried out within five days from the date of registration of the application. In conclusion, it should be stated that the picture does not have exceptional cultural and historical value. And then you can freely send the picture abroad from Kazakhstan.

Next, you carefully choose the postal or courier service, which is engaged in sending paintings abroad. It is interesting that now courier services can provide brokerage services and arrange all the documents in your place for a special fee. Having the result of the examination in your hands, put it in the package, after making yourself a copy. Additionally indicate in the customs declaration on the availability of such a document.

And finally, don’t be upset because of the conclusion of the expert commission on the absence of historical and cultural value in your picture. Such conclusions only emphasize that your offspring is still too young and modern. And this does not affect the beauty of the picture or deprives it of the right to be considered a masterpiece.

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