Picture 40×60 “Koi fish pond”

Oil painting with the image of a not deep pond in which koi fish of red and golden colors are swimming.

In the clear water are viewed not only fish, but also stones, which are located at the bottom of the pond.

Painting with koi fish is well suited for the interior of any room.
When writing pictures used palette knife and brushes of different sizes.

Canvas: cotton, medium grain.
Size 40 cm x 60 cm

The picture is in a private collection.

2500,00 грн.

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The picture is painted with professional oil paints “Master Class” using damask lacquer, which gives the picture brightness, protection from the sun and guarantees its beauty for a long time

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  1. Layla Withrow

    i just visit your website, end i really like the product you’re selling.
    Have a nice day

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