Сказочный олень картина акрилом и маслом

Oil painting + acrylic “Fabulous deer. A Tale of Love” 60×70

Mixed media painting using acrylic and oil paints. A painting with a beautiful fairy-tale plot, in which nature is born in the form of a deer from a large soaring lotus. Flowers sprout from the horns of a deer, above them the birth of love takes place, where a guy gives the first yellow flower to a girl …

The picture is filled with different symbols and makes you think looking at it.
The lower layers and the white background are painted with acrylic, and the upper layers are painted with oil paints.

This painting is an acrylic and oil interpretation and a copy of the watercolor painting by artist Luqman Reza Mulyono.

Canvas: cotton, fine grain.
Size: 60cm x 70cm

4000,00 грн.

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