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How contemporary artists make money.

How do artists make money? This question is asked by many, especially novice artists. After all, the “craft” of the artist should bring not only beauty and good emotions to those around him, but the artist should make money on his talent. In the modern world, there are more ways to make money from an artist than even 20-30 years ago (not to mention ancient times).

So, how do contemporary artists make money?

Artists make money by selling paintings.

Of course, this is the very first thing that comes to mind when it comes to the artist’s earnings. The profession itself determines that the sale of paintings will support and feed the master. Selling a painting for an artist is probably the best, most enjoyable and big income. The soul is invested in the paintings and by selling it the artist receives recognition and payment for his labor and talent.

Workshops help artists earn.

If you paint beautiful pictures and can teach your talent to other people, then of course your training will be in demand! Nowadays, not everyone wants and can study art in educational institutions. And at a master class with an artist, you can write a decent picture even in one session. The salary for an artist from holding a master class can be decent, depending on the number of people and the price.

How do artists make money online?

The Internet is a limitless, modern “novelty” and a platform in which people become famous and earn a lot of money. Artists also picked up the baton as a way to make money. How? Read on.

An artist’s video channel as a way to make money.

Have you seen many videos of artists in which they teach painting lessons, or talk about different artistic tricks? Artists also make money on this. How? Firstly, it is advertising yourself and your talent (and advertising, as you know, is expensive), and secondly, on a video channel, you can earn money from advertising.

By advertising yourself well, you can gather more people who will come to your master class, for example.

The artist‘s personal website generates income.

Often, artists do not want to invest in a site, but this is an additional platform where you can earn money, just do not forget – this is an advertisement of yourself and your art.

What can be the earnings? This is the sale of links from an art site, advertisements, as well as a banner that advertisers pay for. But it is worth making a reservation that a good site will cost money and before you start making money on it, you need to invest both finances and strength for promotion. Also, do not forget that you can sell your paintings on your site.

The artist makes money on Skype.

Recently, artists have been mastering this online communication program. What for? To earn money, of course! In Skype, you can conduct consultations and online lessons, for which you can charge a fee.

Can an artist make money on reproductions?

Of course it can! There are now a large number of sites that sell reproductions of artists. It’s simple, you create your personal account on the site, where you upload photos of your paintings in high quality. The site provides an opportunity for all visitors to choose and order a reproduction of your painting of any size. Typically, such reproductions are printed on paper (less often on canvas) and delivered to the customer on a stretcher. The price of reproductions is much lower than the original and therefore can be in good demand.

What is the essence of making money for an artist on reproductions of his paintings? For each reproduction purchased, you are charged a percentage of the sale, usually 10-20%.

How can an artist make money? On contracts with producers of art materials.

Such income is available only to well-known, talented artists. Then manufacturers or art salons are interested in concluding a contract for the fact that the artist advertises, sells or recommends only specific materials in his videos, in master classes and in conversation with students.

Do not be scared and afraid that you may be “snatched” by some nonsense. A self-respecting artist will not cooperate with a bad manufacturer.

The artist’s earnings are derived from a percentage of the sale of materials or a one-time ad.

Most often, artists advertise and sell:

  • brushes
  • paints
  • palette knife
  • canvases (ready-made or in rolls)

How can an artist make money at exhibitions?

Selling your paintings, you say! But no, in this case I want to tell you how an artist can earn money by organizing an exhibition. An artist with experience in exhibitions can rent a room where he organizes an exhibition of paintings. For example, novice artists, or their students. They took a small fee for this, but by gathering a large number of people who want to place their work at the exhibition, the artist can earn money.

I also want to say that famous artists can earn money by participating in the exhibition. Would you, as an artist, be interested in participating in an exhibition of paintings in which a famous artist who inspires you takes part or will be a guest? This is what the organizers of the exhibition can focus on.

In the end, I want to say: do not think that all artists are greedy and see only banknotes in everything. Many do all of the above just so to share with others their knowledge, “best practices” and secrets. But understand the artist, in order to develop and create, he needs to earn money for paints and canvases, for his family, for development.

I hope the article on how artists make money was interesting and useful for you!

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