Можно ли научиться рисовать в 50 лет

Can I learn to paint in 30-40-50 years?

Is it possible to learn to draw an adult, this is a question increasingly searched on the Internet. Not surprisingly, artists of all ages paint a huge number of paintings every day. You have probably seen what kind of paintings are written by young artists who have graduated from art school and higher educational institution. But what if in your life you have chosen a different field of study and work, and at the age of 40-50 you have discovered your craving and talent for drawing?

Can I learn to draw in 50

this is a topical issue for anyone who has not studied drawing since childhood. Believe me, people ask it to themselves in 30, and in 40 and in 50 years. I would probably draw a parallel here with any kind of training, whether it is learning foreign languages, cycling or cooking exotic dishes. Until you know how to doubt …

In order for an adult to learn how to draw, as in any training, it takes time, effort and of course practice.

Pros of starting to paint at 50:

  • by this age, a person already has a certain life experience, daily routine and clear desires. If something is taken, then the matter definitely approaches this seriously and responsibly;
  • starting to paint at 50, you always have those who will appreciate, admire and perhaps be inspired by your talent are children, grandchildren and other relatives;
  • painting in adulthood helps to develop new motility of the hands (the one to which the hands are not used to) and activate certain areas of the brain, the pleasure of drawing is always provided to you;
  • even in adulthood, starting to draw, like everyone else, you will begin to see the world around in new, bright colors, but at 50 it is much nicer than at 16 or 30 years old;

Difficulties to learn drawing in 50 years:

  • you don’t have as much time as in 10-20 years to learn how to draw a ball, cube, cone, etc. which are required in training: construction, volume, chiaroscuro and hand motility. Have to set yourself complex tasks and realize them to the maximum; If it is not possible to build the drawing correctly, then I recommend using a transfer by cells or using carbon paper, in which case you can devote more time to painting, rather than building. Experienced artists of all ages sometimes do this, it is no secret that even Michelangelo transferred his drawings in this way to the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.
  • at the age of 50, starting to learn to draw, not everyone will go to the school of art, and especially to the institute. If you don’t go, then books and video tutorials can be good helpers for you. There is an article “video tutorials, can you learn to draw?”, As well as master classes by artists;
  • you’ll have to change your daily routine a bit (it’s more difficult for adults to change the habits established for decades), because drawing, washing brushes and organizing a workplace for drawing also takes a lot of time.

Starting to paint at 50, 40 or 30 years, you should understand that you will face the same difficulties as artists of 20 years. And they can be solved in only one way – by practice and diligence. Learning something new is always difficult, but interesting. The child will learn to walk and talk, but only by trying, falling and rising will he learn to keep his balance and walk. The same thing happens with those who are trying to learn how to draw in adulthood: difficult, difficult, but possible. Every day, the brush in your hands will “listen” more and more, the experience will grow, and the pictures will become masterpieces.

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