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Artist Gary Jenkins, who are you?

Most of those who learn to draw on video lessons know the cheerful artist Gary Jenkins. How famous is this American artist? First of all, unique video lessons. Let me introduce you a little more to this talented and bearded creator.

Gary Jenkins, which is how his name is written in his native language, has already conquered the world with his paintings, someone watched his educational video and someone attended his lessons, as he and his wife Kathwren Jenkins visited up to 30 countries in the most active years. year with art seminars.

And so Gary was born in Brooklyn, New York, USA, and grew up in St. Petersburg, Florida. His career began after graduating from the Ringling School of Art in 1962, after which he began to work as an artist at a large leaflet company. Perhaps this was the origin of his particular style. Is it true that his paintings look like postcards?

In 1980, Gary Jenkins bought a video camera and began recording his video lessons, the same year Gary would meet his future wife Kathwren, from whom he began traveling around the United States and conducting art workshops. In 1982, after meeting with the manager of a television channel, he made a video for an example, after which he was contracted, and from that moment Jenkins began his television career as an artist.

What’s special about Gary Jenkins’s paintings?

Elderly artist shows the whole process of drawing, from mixing paints and up to the finished canvas. Jenkins always works without a linear drawing, that is, immediately brushes the paint, it certainly speaks of his talent, great practice and good eye gauge.

It is also worth noting that artist Gary Jenkins always works on a tinted canvas. All his canvases before the beginning of work are “painted” in the color on which the masterpiece will then be created. The artist writes thinly and makes many long strokes, especially in the first stages of colors.

What does Gary Jenkins paint?

Good oil paints are the key to Gary’s good painting (however, as with any other artist). Recently, Gary Jenkins paints with his own paints, which he recommends for drawing. Under his name, oil paints are produced, which are really only available in the USA and Europe, I think professional paints will be no worse than Jenkins’s registered ones.

What brushes does Gary Jenkins write?

The answer is simple, Carry paints with synthetic brushes, which are also already being released under his name, and which he naturally recommends for use in his video tutorials. For those who are not ready or cannot buy brushes from Jenkins, I’ll hurry to reassure. In art stores there are brushes made of soft synthetics with red hair, so they will be very similar to the brush of Gary. Such brushes are well suited for glaze, from which they will be useful in copying pictures of this bearded man, unlike rough synthetics and bristles, they do not leave such obvious traces in strokes of paint.

Gary Jenkins painting lessons.

All of Gary’s video tutorials are filled with warmth, detailed commentary and his giggles; he often jokes. Despite his advanced age, he always creates a pleasant atmosphere, actualizes the difficulties in writing, and of course miraculously writes his favorite flowers: roses, daisies, daisies and many others. Despite the fact that most of his video lessons are devoted specifically to flowers, he has a video with landscapes, still lifes, as well as images of birds and animals. Today, Jenkins sells paints, brushes, also DVDs with his lessons and books.

Despite the great popularity of the video, the lessons of Gary Jenkins are translated in small numbers into other languages, so beginning artists have to watch and understand it intuitively (if they don’t know English). Gary always shows his palette and mixes of colors that he uses, so everything is perceived easily and easily.

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11 thoughts on “Artist Gary Jenkins, who are you?”

  1. Beautiful, beautiful!!!
    I only recently started painting, and feasts my eyes on his work.

    Please tell me he and his wife is still alive.

  2. I agree with you, his paintings are very beautiful!
    Unfortunately, I have no information about his wife.

  3. I ordered Gary Jenkins brushes I really loved painting roses with Gary but the brushes
    quite honestly are terrible

  4. They lived in Sidonia Arizona she grew lots of roses and they both loved to paint
    sometimes they painted together They held classes there as well……

  5. Hi! Thanks for sharing your experience, I have never tried painting with Gary Jenkins brushes.

  6. Sorry, but I am not in the business of selling brushes and tubes of paint from Gary Jenkins.
    I think you need to write on his website

  7. I recently took their “Paint with Passion” on line course and loved it. They still live in Sedona and as far as I know still offer private classes out of their home studio. Gary recently been painting for a prestige gallery in Sedona. Hi wife, Kathwren, is an amazing floral painter as well. I also know she recently had some health issue but is on the mend. If you get a chance to take a course from them I am sure it would be awesome, they both have so much to teach. They are amazing artists and fine teachers. Just my opinion and truly love both of their styles of painting.

  8. I have painted lots of things over the years. Now that I retired I am trying so hard to paint flowers. This I cannot master at all. I am hoping I can watch the videos and get some clarification on what I am doing so wrong. I love watching them both on video. They make it look so easy. If

  9. Hі Susie!
    I agree with you, in his videos Harry Jenkins shows how easy it is to paint flowers

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