What is Grainer brush

Флейц, что за кисть

I think even novice artists know the name of this brush. Surely you heard it in the video tutorials of artists or met in the literature, and perhaps your drawing teacher told you about it. And for those who don’t know:

Grainer brush is a long and soft bristle brush. This brush is designed to soften the transitions in the picture between different colors. With the help of a grainer brush the so-called stretching (transitions) of color is made, which is taught in the elementary grades of the art school. This brush is used not to paint a picture, but to speed up and facilitate the work of creating soft shades.

How to use the Grainer brush

The use of the grainer brush in painting is extremely simple! For example, you paint a sunset, make a halo around the sun with yellow, orange and blue paint, after that you can put the brush aside and smooth out these colors with a soft flick. This will create new shades and transitions, where one color ends and the other begins.

How to choose the Grainer brush

Bristle Grainer brush

Many artists, including myself, often use a regular bristle paint brush. Its width depends primarily on the size of the area on which you use it, the larger the area, the wider the brush, and in smaller areas the brush should be smaller or you can use the “edge of the brush” for smoothing.

Synthetic Grainer brush

I think that the best grainer brush is made of synthetic material. Its pile is softer and thinner than the bristle, which makes the transitions extremely subtle and inconspicuous.
Choosing a grainer brush you need to remember, the thinner the layer in the painting, the softer the brush should be. A bristle brush can leave marks on a thin layer, and synthetics will avoid this.

By Andrew Pugach

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