Painting “Koi Fish” for Jeanne

Картина для Жанны

Have you seen my oil painting, “koi fish” (or, as they are also called, Japanese carps)? For me, she became the first picture to paint with fish. Before that, I never wrote them, but I wanted to try. Especially for “koi fish”, I bought a canvas of a slightly elongated shape 40 cm x 60 cm. When I started painted, I did not know what kind of fish would be in the picture, but decided to cut off that I would be red and light fish.

Not once made changes to the picture. At first there were only koi fish. Then I wanted to add water lilies, after that and one lily, which I later decided to refuse …

Вот такой получился окончательный вариант:

Now get acquainted! This is Jeanne.

Jeanne became the owner of the picture with koi fish.

As Jeanne herself said: “The picture brought me luck !!!”

And it’s such sincere, kind and contented owners of the paintings that I have written that bring me joy and luck. 🙂 😉

By Andrew Pugach

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