Painting in stages “Old Oak”


Phased painting is a very exciting, enjoyable process. For an experienced artist, there is nothing unusual, but for beginning artists, the question of how to draw a picture in stages is very relevant. In this article, I decided to show the phased writing of the picture with oil paints on the example of the painting … Read more Painting in stages “Old Oak”

Choosing zinc white or titanium white.

какие белила лучше цинковые или титановые

White is most often used in oil painting. It will come as outstanding surprise to learn that there are zinc white and titanium white.  ‘So what? As long as a white paint is white”, maybe you would like to tell. It has its nuances just like anything else. After reading this article, there will not … Read more Choosing zinc white or titanium white.

Choosing an Oil Painting Thinner

Разбавитель для масляной краски

Actually, an oil painting thinner has a primary role in painting process. Not everything concerning oil paints  is as simple as watercolor painting, gouache,  acryl  thinned with water. There are different types and functions of paint thinners for oil-based paints. There are many thinner bottles in an art store, but what should we choice? First of all, let’s … Read more Choosing an Oil Painting Thinner

How can we choose the quality paints for oil painting.


This is not the first time this issue is being raised among young artists. There is a wide choice of various manufacturers, prices of oil paints in art stores. All look the same:  metal tube with a lid. There are the same colors and the same titles. You will be able to choose the best oil paint after reading … Read more How can we choose the quality paints for oil painting.