Dictionary of the art

What do artistic terms mean? Underpainting, sketch, masturbation … What other terms do artists have? In this article I will tell you everything. Underpainting Underpainting in oil painting is called a kind of sketch in which you outline (color spots) the entire composition. Beginning artists often do not underpainting and try to write everything gradually, […]

Can I learn to paint in 50 years?

Is it possible to learn to draw an adult, this is a question increasingly searched on the Internet. Not surprisingly, artists of all ages paint a huge number of paintings every day. You have probably seen what kind of paintings are written by young artists who have graduated from art school and higher educational institution. […]

The choice and arrangement of paintings: 10 secrets from interior designers

In practice, not a single room is considered finished without interior decoration with paintings, prints, art panels or photographs. The interior with a picture is an integral image of any space. This seemingly simple decor element brings the necessary emphasis into the space, energy, sets the tone. But only with the right selection and placement […]